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Leadership From the Shepherd's Perspective | Summer 2023

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Leadership from the Shepherd's Perspective explores the biblical concept of shepherd leadership and the belief that the timeless model of the shepherd applies, as does God's Word – everywhere one influences and impacts others. From the board room to on-site indigenous team members and volunteers, from the office to the field, and first-world to third-world countries, shepherding is imperative to effectively influencing, impacting, and leading from a fully biblically-based perspective.

The shepherd leadership principle is grounded in the three pivotal elements of Provision, Protection, and Presence. Participants will explore a shepherd's responsibilities for leading literal sheep during this course. They will dive into their personal leadership experiences, dig into Scripture to translate biblical principles into immediately applicable and practical behaviors, and create a customized Shepherd's Operating Manual. 

Contributors: Presence Point

Learning Objectives
  1. To position shepherding as a universal godly leadership principle and understand that a fully biblically based leadership model leads to the most effective leadership behaviors.
  2. To view Provision, Protection, and Presence as pivotal elements of genuine shepherding.
  3. To establish absolute surrender to the Father as a requirement to be an effective, godly shepherd.
Requirements for Credit
  1. The completion and submission of five Reflection assignments demonstrate that the participant has read the required resources and reviewed the presentation content.
  2. Engage in all the topic forum discussions for all five sessions.
Required Resource(s)
  1. Leadership from the Shepherd's Perspective Workbook 
  2. Volume 1 of the 30-Day Shepherd Leadership Challenge 
  3. A Shrek the Sheep card 
  4. Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

For other Resources: Access the Presence Point App

Course Facilitator, Holly Culhane:

Holly Culhane is the Founder and CEO of Presence Point, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to developing and supporting shepherd leaders, in every walk of life, all over the world, and partnering with those who wish to multiply the shepherd leadership message in their sphere of influence. She is also Consultant Emeritus with P•A•S Associates, a Human Resources consulting firm she founded in 1987 and led for 30 years, a former licensed Private Investigator specializing in the areas of sexual harassment and discrimination, and contributing author of Servant Leadership in Action, the best-seller edited by Ken Blanchard and Renee Broadwell. She is an author and speaker, facilitates shepherd leadership workshops and conferences worldwide, is a Master Trainer with Lead Like Jesus, and has served on several Boards, including the Board of Trustees for Youth for Christ USA and the Board of Directors for AdelFi Credit Union. She finds great joy in hanging out with her husband, Doug, their children scattered around the U.S., and their kids' grandchildren.

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