Outcomes Academy Online

Frequently Asked Questions - Nonmember


What learning experiences are available through Outcomes Academy Online?


I am not a member of Christian Leadership Alliance. Can I access courses and recordings through this platform?

Yes. You may browse all available content, but you can only registered for paid sessions. Other experiences such as webcasts and video podcasts can only be viewed by members, only. 
If you want to register for a learning experience or course as a nonmember, please contact the Alliance Registrar at cla@christianleadershipalliance.org. The Alliance Registrar will set up credentials for you. Then you will be able to complete registration. 
Once you receive your credentials the first time, you will be able to use that credential for any future courses you wish to register for through the Outcomes Academy Online. Your status will be recognized as ACADEMY. 
If you become a member of Christian Leadership Alliance your status will change based on the level of membership you select. At that point you will be eligible for discounted courses and access to any content free to members.

What content is free?

Fee content is only available to active Christian Leadership Alliance members. Outcomes Webcasts and the Outcomes Conference Video Podcasts are free to all Alliance members. 
Outcomes Conference Mainstage Passes are free for all Platinum and Gold members - as long as membership is active.
Nonmembers will be charged for fee-based experiences. Please contact the Alliance Registrar at academy@christianleadershipalliance.org. The Alliance Registrar will set up credentials for you. Then you will be able to complete registration.

What will be available in my personal dashboard?

Your personal dashboard will show all learning experiences, courses, and events you register for through the Outcomes Online Academy. You can also access anything you registered for directly from your dashboard, at any time.

How do nonmembers access content through this platform?
As a nonmember you can still view all the educational session that are offered.  Fee-based Learning experiences and courses are available to nonmembers as priced. 
We recommend you browse what is available through the catalogue. It will sort based on categories and types of experience and courses. Please select the product to view specific pricing information.

How do I access paid Outcomes Academy Online content through this platform?

Browse the catalog to view upcoming live and on-demand offerings. Then click the "Register" button to pay for your selected content.
All free content is only available to Alliance members.

Can I register someone else on this platform?

You may only register yourself for any experience or recordings via the Outcomes Academy Online platform.

Can I cancel my registration for learning experiences and courses?

Click here to review our refund/cancellation policy.

What are the system requirements for accessing a webcast?

You must be a Christian Leadership Member in order to view webcasts.
Users must access on-demand recordings and live events from an up-to-date web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) that supports HTML 5.

How is content organized? How do I find a specific courses?

We recommend you search the catalog using the link on the home page. There are a variety of filters that will help you find the content and experiences you seek; You can easily search the catalog in four ways:
1.    Category (our core nine tracks)
2.    Content Format (live or on-demand)
3.    Old to New
4.    Type of Learning Experience
Note that any new learning experience types will automatically appear in the search filter.

What are the Interest Categories on my profile page?

All content is categorized by track and product type. On your profile page, you can indicate the level of interest for each of category and type offered. The feature page will then recommend content based on your rankings.

How long content be available via the Outcomes Academy Online?

Recordings will be available as long as content is deemed relevant for personal and professional leadership development. The Alliance will issue a 30-day notice for any content that is scheduled to be pulled from the platform and an explanation for why it will no longer be available.  

How long do I have to engage in a session after registering for it?

You will have unlimited access to it as long as you are an active member of Christian Leadership Alliance or if you have purchased it as a nonmember.
If we deem it appropriate to eliminate or pull content you are registered for, you will be notified immediately.

How long will I have to complete a self-paced course?

Self-paced courses do not have an expiration date. 

How is a self-paced course different from a live event?

Course registrants can start and move through the course at their own pace–pausing throughout–as they choose.
Live events are of a limited duration with a designated start date and time.

How can I access my certificate of completion?

Once you have completed a course, you may download and print your certificate of completion by going to the course and clicking on the "Certificate" button.

Do I have to finish the entire course to access the certificate of completion?

Yes, you have to complete the entire course in order to access a certificate.

If I have other questions that were not addressed in this FAQ, who should I contact?

Please contact us at cla@christianleadershipalliance.org